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Today in Bloody Obvious News


By slapping down Minister of State for Tourism Diane Ablonczy for giving money to Pride Toronto, the Conservative federal government appears homophobic!

In an interview with the Advocate, gossip blogger Perez Hilton comes off as a narcissistic creep with delusions of grandeur:

Gay people are discriminated against in the corporate world!

US governor (and whining quitter) Sarah Palin lies!  All the time!

The Made in Brazil website thinks model Carlos Freire is sexy.  Well, duh:

The head of the Canadian Olympic Committee has realized that ordinary Canadians will not confuse a gay hookup website with the Olympics. He says, "It would be absurd for us to be protesting this."  Umm…yes.

And finally, an online poll reveals that people speculate over which celebrities are gay (how do you think we got stuck with Perez Hilton in the first place?) though some of their choices are odd (Mario Lopez?):

Personally, I'd swap Josh Groban and Hugh Jackman but hey, who can say…?  What are your choices?