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Today in politickin’: Sarah Palin history and Stop Harper

I try to avoid politics here, mostly because nothing alienates half your audience faster than saying something like, “Man, those Liberals (or Conservatives or whatever) sure are crazy!” I’d then sit back and watch as the internet commits a hate crime. But I’m making an exception because shit went down today. IT. WAS. FUCKING AWESOME.

First off, Stephen Harper was giving a throne speech, which I initially thought was sort of like a Canadian version of that Colin Firth movie about the king with the stutter. Turns out I was half right: it’s actually some boring spiel that starts every new session of Parliament. But, like The King’s Speech, it’s two hours long and un-fucking-watchable.

But lo, there did come a page, and she did liven things up by whipping out a “Stop Harper” protest sign. Stop Harper from doing what? No one’s really sure, although he pretty much sucks at everything, so it’s fair to say she probably had a decent point. Kudos to you, young lady, for having the ovaries to tell Harper to shove it. On a side note, why are the Supreme Court of Canada justices all dressed up as Santa Claus?

Meanwhile, in the usually friendly country to the south, Sarah Palin continued her family vacation and thinly veiled attention-grab for president. This despite the fact that she hasn’t held a political office in two years, time she’s spent as the opening for Jon & Kate Plus 8. Anyway, Palin decided to wow voters with her grasp of basic US history by recounting the story of Paul Revere. As imagined by a paranoid shut-in.

That’s right: this crazy woman, who is riding around America in a bus emblazoned with the Constitution to help her run for the presidency, doesn’t even know one of the most basic parts of American history. You could make the case that this is more of that “gotcha” journalism, like that time they asked her to name a newspaper, until you realize she was in Paul Revere’s house. Seriously, are you telling me they don’t have a plaque with his entire biography on a wall somewhere? Better hope TLC needs to fill some airtime between Toddlers and Tiaras and 19 Kids and Counting

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