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Todd Glass nails anti-gay parents in GLSEN ad

If you’ve never seen openly gay comedian Todd Glass perform before, do yourself a favour and look him up on YouTube. He’s an amazingly acerbic comic, and his standup is consistently remarkable.

Anyway, having only recently come out, Glass decided to cement his status as “the most awesome gay comedian ever” by appearing in an ad for GLSEN that basically nails anti-gay parents for what they really are: cold, uncaring assholes. Is it a little harsh? Maybe a tad, but honestly, if you can’t love your kids for being themselves, you’re shit as a parent and shit as a human being.

Also, for some reason, I really needed to post a picture of a cute puppy in order to balance out all the crazy depressing news stories that have been popping up. Thankfully, this little guy came across my proverbial desk at just the right time. 

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