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Tomayto, tomahto, potayto, potahto

Though we all strive for common ground, there are just so many things that people will never see eye to eye on. For instance…

— Some will find Angela Lansbury's morning routine screamingly funny; others will find it screamingly horrific:

The Pope has reinstated a bishop excommunicated 20 years ago, believing he got a raw deal; we can't help but notice the guy is a Holocaust denier who hates women, gays and even "The Sound of Music!" How do you solve a problem like a Nazi?

— The Canadian parliament is finally back in session today. Some of us are eagerly awaiting the results; others are disappointed to learn that Canada was not actually taken over by Barack Obama last week.

Dean Coxx says you can do gay porn without actually being gay; Tyra Banks makes her "girl-I-don't-think-so" face:

— disgraced evangelical leader Ted Haggard still insists he's heterosexual; the discovery of the second guy he was regularly having sex with, however, makes us think of Voltaire!

— most of us believe that "Batman" star Christian Bale is not Kermit the Frog; one blogger with way too much on his hands says different:

— and finally, we have Randy Thomasson of the (yawn) "Campaign for Children and Families," who whines:

"The homosexual activists never stop claiming to be victims, even when
they have an iron stiletto heel upon your neck."

Let's ignore the fact that I totally want to see an all-drag-queen heavy-metal band called Iron Stiletto and instead lament poor Randy's sad, Bizarro World vision of gay people. It's so dark, so full of hate and lacking in joy. My vision of gay life has always looked more like this:


Latin rhythms, shirtless men, dancing girls, monkeys, lengthy tracking shots and lots and lots of fruit!  Fabulous!!!