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Too gay for South Korea?

Chinese girl group’s music video reportedly banned in South Korea

Two women fighting in prom dresses? Xena-inspired costumes? Jungian-symbolic flower plucking?

Whatever is going on in this music video, it’s too gay for South Korea.

A number of Western media outlets, including Jezebel, are reporting that a recent, South Korea–produced music video by Chinese girl group SNH48 has been banned because of its tATu-esque queer content.

As Jezebel relays, the reports are somewhat confused and can’t seem to pinpoint exactly where these claims come from.

“While homosexuality is legal in South Korea, conservative religious groups hold tremendous sway in the country,” the Jezebel item says. “There are no protections against discrimination, no hate crimes legislation, and (of course) same-sex marriage or civil partnerships are neither legal nor expected to be.”

Whatever is going on surrounding SNH48’s music video for “Uza,” it’s still fabulously ridiculous and wonderful.