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Toor sentencing postponed

The sentencing of a Squamish man convicted Feb 12 of assault causing bodily harm in connection with the 2005 gaybashing of Russell Young has been adjourned pending a pre-sentencing report tentatively scheduled for May 9.

In postponing the sentencing hearing, provincial court judge Maria Giardini said such a report was “appropriate in this case” but did not elaborate on the reasons.

Crown Counsel spokesperson Neil MacKenzie says pre-sentencing reports generally provide a picture of the accused’s background — general demeanour, character, attitude to the offence — and sometimes include sentencing options the court may consider.

“What they are trying to do is just give the court more information to work from. So a pre-sentence report can have information that is mitigating but, in some cases, it can have information that doesn’t necessarily operate to the advantage of an accused person.”

Toor and co-accused Randeep Cheema were charged with assault causing bodily harm after Young was beaten outside the Esso gas station at the corner of Burrard and Davie Sts. Cheema was acquitted after Giardini ruled she had reasonable doubt about Cheema’s participation in the fight, but not Toor’s.

In an unrelated matter, Toor is now facing a new assault charge in connection with a Jan 21 incident involving a woman. An arraignment hearing is scheduled for Mar 28.