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Top 10 scary-movie dance sequences

Celebrating Halloween with wonderfully strange scenes

The dinner scene from Beetlejuice is a most excellent horror-movie dance scene. Credit: Tim Burton

We are big fans of Halloween here at Xtra (with the exception of our copy editor, Lesley, who really, really doesn’t like it). To help celebrate, in a gay way, we put together a list of our favourite music and dance sequences found in scary movies.

Horror films and dancing are two things not often associated, but have a click through our list below and you’ll quickly realize there is no better pairing. 

10. Freddy’s Revenge — Bedroom dance scene!

9. Teen Witch — Top that! rap scene!

8. The Goonies — Truffle shuffle!

7. Silence of the Lambs — Buffalo Bill scene!

6. Donnie Darko — Head-over-heels scene!

5. Beetlejuice — Dinner-table scene!

4. Elvira: Mistress of the Dark — The tassel scene!

3. Death Becomes Her  — Opening sequence!

2. Rocky Horror Picture Show — Time Warp!

1. Beetlejuice — Jump in the line scene!