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Top 30 Under 30: #9

Shaun Hunter-Mclean

Shaun Hunter-Mclean Credit: Courtesy of Shaun Hunter-Mclean

A lot has changed in Smithers, BC, since 2011, when Shaun Hunter-Mclean moved to the rural town to finish high school at the age of 17.

Earlier this year, the Bulkley Valley school district amended its anti-discrimination policy to specifically address gender and sexual orientation.

It was a huge victory for the students who are part of the gay-straight alliance at Smithers Secondary and for Hunter-Mclean, who now attends Concordia University in Montreal.

Hunter-Mclean, who prefers the gender-neutral pronoun they, experienced a culture shock when transitioning from the open acceptance of gay culture at a fine-arts high school in Metro Vancouver to the blatant homophobia they encountered in the hallways of a rural secondary school.

Back in Smithers for the summer, Hunter-Mclean noticed other things are changing as well.

“There are a lot more out individuals — not just in the school, but in the community,” they say. “The GSA is continuing to grow as well and is becoming more involved in the community.”

Also a singer/songwriter, Hunter-Mclean spent part of the summer performing at local music festivals.

“I decided to perform in full drag,” says the 19-year-old, whose outfits were part country, part biker. “My goal is to soften the edges around the concept of talking about sexuality and gender.”

“People [in Smithers] are okay with accepting people for who they are, even if they don’t fully understand their identities,” they say.

“You don’t hear people talking about it — it’s still sort of an awkward subject — so now it’s a matter of getting people more comfortable and getting over that fear of understanding.”

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