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Top Model’s Miss J on being proudly gay and black

"Love you and be you… Be happy and be black."

That’s the life lesson Miss J Alexander wants to share with young, gay black men. The America’s Next Top Model judge spoke to fab magazine about fashion, Canadian models and being black and gay.

When asked about his exercise routine, Miss J had this to say:

"Girl, you don’t
want the answer to that question! It wouldn’t be fit to print. I’ll
put it this way: I love good food like lemon squares or muffins.
The only time I watch food is as it goes in my mouth. There are
times Ms Tyra has watched me eat and made faces. But when they are
hungry, who do they turn to? There I am with my ostrich Dior bag
full of muffins or cookies from the hotel. I travel a lot and don’t
like airline food, so when I’m hungry I just reach into my bag.
When Jay or Tyra is hungry, they turn to Miss J because they know
I always have a snack in my bag.” (Read the full interview at

Check out some of Miss J’s Top Model highlights:

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