Off the Chart

"Off The Chart" is Xtra’s eight-part podcast devoted to the groundbreaking Showtime series The L Word—and the L.A. lesbians we can’t stop thinking about.

With the Generation Q reboot launching soon, we’re looking back, season by season, at how the show revolutionized queer women’s representation—getting it wrong as often as it got it right.

Yes, we re-watched The L Word so you don't have to!


Rachel Giese @rachelagiese

Erica Lenti @ericalenti

Eternity Martis @eternitymartis

Michelle Turingan @chelleturingan

Producer and editor: Corey Misquita @coreymisquita

Senior producer: Rachel Matlow @rachelmatlow

Executive producer: Rachel Giese

Music: KidKulit