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Tops & Bottoms return

Credit: Courtesy of Thomas Hughes

With a show on OutTV and many years of performing around Vancouver, the Bob Loblaw comedy troupe (now called The Bobbers) is back performing their hit stage show Tops & Bottoms at Jupiter cafe.

Helmed by David C Jones, the show draws on queer themes shouted out by the audience to spawn improvised scenes that are sometimes hilarious and sometimes not. 

One team of “Top” performers faces off against another team of “Bottom” performers and at the end of the night a flip flop will occur where one Bottom will be promoted to the Top team and one Top will be disgraced to the Bottom.

The way I see it, going to the bottom can’t be that much of a disgrace. In a case of art imitating life, it’s been my experience that most self-described Tops end up on the bottom anyway.