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Torn down the middle

Some choices are harder than others:

Watched the new ABC show Eastwick and the first episode of the series that grumpy TV critics are already calling "Desperate Housewitches" was predictably bad.  But if I had so rightly avoided it, I'd have missed out on Canada's own Paul Gross being very funny and looking this good:

What to do next week with episode two?

On the web, Puma athletic wear has introduced the oddest new website — a stock ticker with male and female models who strip down when the market falls.  No one wants to see the stock market tank again but now I'm tempted to hope it does!

And finally, an international incident that has us playing "Which Homophobe to Cheer For?"  The asshat British soldiers who went all faux-gay for "Womanizer" or the Canadian woman with anger-management issues who attacked them for "being perverted?"  (The UK papers have clearly made their decision.)

Fortunately, I've got a weekend to mull it all over — have a great one!