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Toronto Centre by-election debate: Jan 20 at The 519

If you’re a queer resident of Toronto Centre, be sure to check out tomorrow night’s all-candidates debate leading up to the Feb 4 provincial byelection.

Xtra is co-hosting the debate with The 519 Church Street Community Centre:

Wed, Jan 20, 7 to 9pm.

519 Church St. 

An expert panel of moderators will lead the debate, with a range of questions on queer issues as well as questions from the community at large.

Questions from members of the community are being collected in advance either by completing the online form, posting on the Facebook event wall or by filling out a form at The 519’s front desk. Questions can be submitted until 7pm on Wed, Jan 20.

For those of you who can’t make it, we plan to stream live video of tomorrow’s debate right here on We’re crossing our fingers crossed that the technology works, it’s a first for us! If that fails, we’ll be tweeting updates like crazy @xtra_canada! Use the #torcen hashtag to join the conversation.

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