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Toronto comedienne discusses dating women for the first time

If you haven’t been following Christina Walkinshaw’s Tumblr, My Tinder Bender, now’s a great time to start. Basically, the Toronto comedienne has been going on dates with people she finds on Tinder and then blogging about it afterward. Super funny shit.

Anyway, in her latest update, Walkinshaw discusses dating a woman for the first time, then finding out that the woman is trans. I highly recommend checking out the full piece, especially for the parts where she and her date discuss gender fluidity and inappropriate terminology, but the segment where she discusses her reaction is really great . . .

"Address it, and spend the rest of the night asking questions about the transformation, her community, what it’s like . . .


I can just let it go. This is still a date with a person, just like any other date. This date isn’t about me learning about transgendered people. This date is about me learning about her. And from what I know so far, I think she’s great."

So yeah, she went with option number two, and the ensuing date apparently went pretty well. It’s just a really nice piece about two people getting to know each other over Coors Lights and karaoke. Yes, karaoke. If Rihanna can find love in a hopeless place, you can find love in a karaoke bar.