Toronto Diary
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Toronto kink community honoured in international competitions

This weekend was a surprisingly busy one for the international leather community, as two different international title competitions were held over the past couple days: Mr International Rubber in Chicago and the International Puppy Contest in St Petersburg, Florida.

Two of Toronto’s very own titleholders, Mr Rubber Andy CosmicRoo and Toronto Puppy Ego, went down to the States over the weekend to compete in their respective competitions, and both are coming home winners.

Andy CosmicRoo has been named Mr International Rubber 2014, making him the second Toronto native to win the title and the first to do it in self-made Pokemon-themed rubber shirts. (Seriously, if you ever mass-produce those Magikarp shirts . . . I want one.)

While Pup Ego wasn’t named International Puppy, he did pull off his own impressive victory, winning the Bill Boyd Best in Show Memorial Award. As an added bonus, fellow Toronto pup Sproket won the Good Puppy award, which means we got TWO awards! 

So in summation, congrats to all our winners for really pulling it out this weekend. You all did Toronto’s kink community proud.