Toronto Diary
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Toronto…no, wait, Montreal Diary

Lots of interesting stuff happening in Toronto this week, even if I’m up the 401 in Montreal and can’t get to it.

Buddies kicks off its annual Pride Festival tonight with a one-two punch of queer comics Elvira Kurt and Gavin Crawford in Together Again for the First Time. Next week, they’re doing a whole shwack of great shows as fundraisers for the often financially troubled theatre. One highlight I’d be excited about if I were in town to see it is Nina Arsenault’s Monday-night only performance of her hit I Was Barbie, which sold out its run at We’re Funny That Way last month.

An Ontario judge has thrown out a rule allowing potential jurors to be screened out for anti-Black racism, on the grounds that jurors should be screened for all sorts of racism. It’s actually a much more positive ruling that the headline on this Toronto Star article suggests, and may be good news for accuseds who worry aabout homophobia in the jury pool.

And it looks like we may be looking forward to a garbage strike beginning at the same time as Pride week. This should be good news for Aqua, as the beach may be the only part of the city that doesn’t smell like week-old fermented fast-food refuse by Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile, I’d just like to show you the cover to this week’s Montreal Mirror, which has the words “fucking Stephen Harper” on it — promoting my Fringe Festival play. They also helpfully got this contortionist to recreate the position I left him in.