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Toronto police identify remains of Majeed Kayhan in alleged serial killer case

Investigators have now identified the remains of all eight men that Bruce McArthur is alleged to have killed

Credit: Courtesy Toronto Police Service

Investigators have now recovered and identified the remains of all eight men that Bruce McArthur is alleged to have killed.

Toronto police announced on July 20 that they had found the remains of Majeed Kayhan in a ravine behind a midtown Toronto home in the Leaside area, where McArthur had stored landscaping equipment. Kayhan’s remains were the last of McArthur’s eight alleged victims to be found.

Police allege that McArthur killed Kayhan in 2012. McArthur had been charged with Kayhan’s murder before any of his remains had been discovered.

While the remains of McArthur’s other alleged victims were found buried in planters around the Leaside property, Kayhan’s remains were discovered in a compost pile in a ravine behind the home.

Investigators spent nine days carefully searching the area and digging through the refuse. Kayhan’s remains were identified using either fingerprints or dental records, though police wouldn’t disclose which method was utilized.

Over the last several months, police had used canine units to search around 100 properties in the GTA that had some connection with McArthur, who had worked as a landscaper. They did not discover any other human remains and don’t believe they need to return to those properties for now.

While the physical searches are largely complete, police are still examining cold cases and outstanding missing persons reports.

“There are a rash of murders from the ’70s and ’80s that are still unsolved,” Detective Sergeant Hank Idsinga told reporters. “We’re making progress on those cases, but right now we have nothing to suggest that Mr McArthur is linked to any of them.”

In addition, police are focusing on the court process by getting Crown prosecutors up to speed on the investigation and evidence and preparing disclosures.