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Toronto police investigating ‘hate-motivated’ Pride threats

Letter sent to CityNews contained threat to Premier Kathleen Wynne

Toronto police have issued a public safety alert in light of hate-motivated threats to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and participants in the Pride parade.
The threats were contained in anonymous letters sent to CityNews and the CBC. While the letters have not been made public, CityNews has reported that it immediately notified police, who have begun a forensic investigation and beefed up security for Wynne over Pride weekend. 
Police have not reported any leads in the investigation so far, but in their public notice, the force is including the investigation in its ongoing security assessment of Pride weekend.
Toronto police sent out a press release June 29 but provided no further comment. Xtra was unable to reach Wynne before press time. 
Pride executive director Kevin Beaulieu says the organization is already well prepared to handle safety issues that may arise during the parade.
“We work with the city all year to prepare and plan,” he says. “We have 1,200 volunteers in place, and all of them are there to help out if need be and ensure that there’s good communications across the site.”
Police are encouraging anyone who sees anything suspicious at Pride to call 416-808-2222 or call 911 in an emergency situation.