Toronto Diary
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Toronto Public Health releases CondomTO

Let’s be honest here: there’s going to be a lot of fucking at WorldPride. I mean it’s Pride; there’s always going to be a sharp rise in fucking. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your personal predilection is; these are the Hunger Games, and the odds are forever in your favour.

Following in the footsteps of Los Angeles and New York City, Toronto Public Health has decided to commemorate WorldPride (and help keep you covered) with a new specialty condom celebrating all of Toronto! Or more specifically, the parts of Toronto that can be misconstrued as hilariously sexual.

[Image via Toronto Public Health]

The wrapper comes emblazoned with the proclamation “No matter which way you go put it on!” To drive the joke home, three rainbow-adorned street signs from around Toronto — Coxwell Avenue, Wood Street and Cummer Avenue — give it that Toronto flair.

Also, are you serious? We have a Cummer Avenue? Since when? Oh that’s right, it’s up north past Finch. All right then. Still, were they kidding when they came up with that name? Personally, I would have gone with Bonar Place, Gooch Avenue or the lowest-hanging fruit, Orfus Road. Man, Toronto has a lot of really misleading streets.

Either way, if you’re going to play during WorldPride, play safe, no matter what that means to you.