Toronto Diary
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Toronto: Where you go to play

Today saw the launch of LG Fashion Week. Be sure to take in the beauty which is currently tented outside city hall — as are many spectators. *ahem*

Meanwhile, The Globe reports that mayor Miller is launching a song contest to create a new pop anthem for the city. The article bafflingly claims that more info is available on the city’s web site, but darned if I can find it.

And The Star announces that a sequel to The Phantom of the Opera, which defined Toronto’s big budget musical theatre scene for ten years, will be making its world premiere later this year right here in Toronto, likely with a Torontonian in the lead.

That’s cause for celebration, but the biggest party of the month is certain to be Buddies’ official St. Patrick’s Day party, St. Patricia’s Day, in Tallulah’s Cabaret tomorrow from “5pm to last man standing.” The party doubles as a fundraiser for the theatre company, so when you’re boss chides you for being hungover on Wednesday, you can always say “it was for a good cause!"