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Toronto’s Man Chyna Brokebacks That Ass Up

BY ROB SALERNO – Toronto faggotronic rap/strip-hop artist Man Chyna has released a fun new video for his song “Brokeback That Ass Up.”

Man Chyna (see what he did there? No? Say it really fast) says he “burst from a Smoky Mountain womb, just like his personal (s)hero, Dolly Parton.” He “strip hops around Canada like
a sissy MIA (Sissy Elliott?),” delivering his signature catch phrase, “Mo Homo.”

I prefer his Twitter bio: “Spit bars. Swallow e’rything else."

Check out the video below:

One quibble: Man Chyna references the gay cruising app Squirt (operated by Pink Triangle Press, which publishes Xtra) but mistakenly gives the URL as squirt.com. It’s actually squirt.org.

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