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Totally avoiding the Liberals’ mistakes – really!

says that it's not going to suffer from leadership infighting the way the Liberals
did. Really! Why does this sound like famous last words?

of the Liberals, a number of party veterans sound as though they’re trying to vie for the position of party president. Some older faces, such as Sheila Copps, as well as a few recently
defeated MPs, such as Siobhan Coady, Mark Holland and Alexandra Mendes, seem to be gearing up for the fight. Depending
on whom they choose, it could play a big part in the way the party rebuilds itself
from a structural perspective.

the government now crowing about a fourth “suspected war criminal” being caught
because of its inform-on-your-neighbours program, more questions are being
raised. Seems that some of these alleged suspects might not even face prosecution after deportation. Why the moral panic? Oh, right – making it look as though the government is tough on crime. And its way
of claiming to respect due process in using the immigration process, rather than the criminal one, smacks of finding loopholes for the sake of good PR.

Brison and Ralph Goodale want the Commons finance committee to hold a special
 this summer to summon Jim Flaherty to discuss contingency
plans in the event the US defaults on its debt obligations, which it is in
danger of doing.

And a Halifax Coast Guard employee has been removed from his duties after he posted a
YouTube video denouncing the government’s closure of distress centres in favour
of a centralized “call centre.” Meanwhile, the federal goverment has muzzled the federal scientist who may have unlocked reasons for declining salmon stocks. Remember when people said that the obsessive message control might
end under a majority? How’s that working out for you?

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