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Toto Too kicks off Season Four

Kilt, a new play in a new direction

Credit: Photos courtesy of Toto Too

Toto Too’s fourth season opens Wednesday, Sept 1 with the production of Kilt at the Arts Court theatre. Kilt, written by Jonathon Wilson and directed by David Ferguson, marks the return of Toto Too in its new configuration.

In the 2010 season, Toto Too returns to its original mandate to produce Canadian plays that reflect the diversity of the queer community.

Kilt explores familial relationships between Esther, her sister Mary and her gay son, Tom, an exotic dancer in a striptease club. The death of Tom’s grandfather forces the family to look at the past through different eyes and at what’s hidden beneath the kilt.

The cast of Kilt is new to Toto Too, and their enthusiasm for and dedication to the play reflects Ferguson’s vision for the future as he returns to directing community theatre.

“We have such a fantastic crew of men and women right now who are thrilled to be part of the process — I can’t tell you how invigorating it is. It really does the spirit good,” says Ferguson.

Kilt runs Sept 1 to 4 at the Arts Court Theatre, 2 Daly Ave. Tickets are $25. Available at After Stonewall Books, the Second Cup (Bank and Somerset) and the Arts Court Theatre box office. For more information go to