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Towel slips, drug prices and the one billion mark

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One billion people live under marriage equality

According to calculations by Australian activist Tony Pitman, one billion people now live somewhere where same sex couples can get married. Equal marriage in Colombia and the Mexican state of Morelos send the world over the benchmark number.

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Man tackled by police for towel slip

Photographer Krys Fox was tackled by plain clothes police, arrested, and carried bodily from a New York beach because his towel slipped off. The beach, Riis Park, is known as a safe space for LGBT people.

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Gilead bumps HIV drug prices

Drug maker Gilead Pharmaceuticals has once again raised the price of many of its popular drugs, including the HIV regimens Complera and Stribild. This is the second seven percent bump Gilead has made to the drug prices in the past year.
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Brazil leads the world in anti-LGBT violence

As Brazil prepares for the summer olympics, the country’s abysmal record of violence against LGBT people is being forced into the spotlight. The New York Times reports that the country leads the world in anti-LGBT killings, with a murder occurring on average every day.

Homophobic Dominican cardinal resigns

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez of Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic. The cardinal has been repeatedly belligerent to the openly gay US ambassador to the Dominican Republic James Bruster, calling him a “faggot” saying he should “stick to housework since he is a man’s wife.”

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