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Tracking down the robo-calls

An investigation by Elections Canada has tracked the robo-calls
that harassed Liberal voters in Guelph during the last election to an Edmonton
company with Conservative ties. But remember that the party had “nothing to do
with it,” and, of course, the party isn’t talking to the media about it (though
the RCMP is involved in the investigation). I
’m also guessing that Elections Canada is back on the Conservative enemy list, if they were ever off it to begin with.

Shelley Glover felt firsthand the dangers of
human props going rogue. At an announcement on anti-gang funding in Winnipeg
yesterday, said human prop – from an organization that prevents youth gangs – turned
the tables and asked her tough questions on funding and decried the lack of
funds his program needs to make a real impact. You mean simply making
announcements and sprinkling a few dollars around the country isn’t enough to
combat these kinds of problems?

Over in The Globe and Mail, former Liberal staffer Adam Goldenberg writes that
the lawful access bill is just the next move in the Conservatives’ war against
judicial discretion
. But wait, you say. Didn’t the Liberals also introduce lawful access legislation? Well, yes, and my understanding is that it was on
the advice of the police, who argued they needed more modern tools to combat
these crimes. And who also likes to complain that judges are too soft on
criminals, or are impediments to getting warrants? Why, that would be the
police. Agendas can align.

Oh, look – it’s going to cost at least $80
 to set up the surveillance infrastructure for the lawful access
legislation. And guess who’ll pay for that? That’s right – you, the consumer.

An American group of current and former law
enforcement officers has sent a letter to the Senate committee that's examining the
omnibus crime bill to warn that mandatory minimums for marijuana are a colossal
and costly failure and to avoid them at all costs. Rob Nicholson, however, says
they’re here to stay. Like that’s a surprise.

Refugee lawyers say that provisions in the
new refugee reform bill make it so that people who have been granted status can
have it taken away if their country of origin is suddenly declared “safe.”

Uh oh – the Germans have kiboshed our plans to
locate a military logistics and supply base in their country. Is that a sad
trombone I hear for Peter MacKay?

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