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Trans activists allegedly detained in Edmonton

Lexi Sanfino removed her top on a flight while Nina Arsenault filmed her

Lexi Sanfino and Nina Arsenault, two prominent Toronto trans activists, were allegedly arrested and detained at the Edmonton airport after Sanfino displayed her breasts on a flight.
Their friend Judy Virago says Sanfino and Arsenault, who could not be reached for comment, travelled to Edmonton on a WestJet flight June 20 for a friend’s wedding.
Virago says Sanfino removed her top and exposed her breasts on the plane while Arsenault filmed her.
Virago says Arsenault and Sanfino recently moved in together and have been collaborating on art projects, specifically focused on the relationship between trans bodies and public spaces. This was one of them.
“They were trying to create a piece on the demystification of trans women’s bodies in a public space,” Virago says.
Edmonton police and WestJet staff could not be reached for comment at press time.