Toronto Diary
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Trans Day of Remembrance at The 519

Nov 20 marks Transgender Day of Remembrance, the time of the year where we come together to remember those in the trans communities who lost their lives to ignorance and hatred. 

Tomorrow, the 519 Community Centre will once again be hosting an evening to bring together the Toronto community for a memorial night to honour those who are no longer with us.

Violence has impacted our communities and is not only an intentioned act – it is also an act of neglect. Violence affecting trans communities includes cuts to social spending, and depleting the social safety net.

Violence impacting trans people includes the ever decreasing pool of social services that leaves the marginalized members of society struggling on their own without affordable housing, without access to nutritious food, without access to necessary health care services, without sympathy from a Canadian government that deports trans women and men to their countries of origin even when violence will be waiting for them on their homelands. 

If you want to pay your respects to the trans folk who passed this year, you can visit the community centre, at 519 Church St, from 7 to 9pm.  

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