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Trans education, Chechen retribution and reality television

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Trans man outed on Survivor

A contestant in the reality show Survivor was unexpectedly outed as trans on television in an episode this week by another contestant, in an attempt to vote him off the show. The tactic backfired, and the outer was voted off instead.

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World calls for end to Chechnya crackdown

The United Nations, as well as various nations and international organizations, have spoken out against the Chechen crackdown on gay people, in which men have been reportedly rounded up and tortured. Meanwhile, the Russian newspaper that first reported the violence says it fears retribution for its reporting.

Indian university offers free tuition to trans people

Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, has announced it will offer free tuition to transgender students. The university’s vice-chancellor says educational opportunities will help to raise the position of transgender people in Indian society.

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Study: Same-sex marriage good for health

A study at the University of Washington shows that gay people who are married are healthier and better off than singles. Part of the result may be because married gay people are more likely to be out.

Orlando police release Pulse report

A report on the Pulse Nightclub shooting from the Orlando police has revealed more details of the attack, which killed 49 people. The report did not answer whether any of the victims were killed by friendly fire from police officers.

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