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Trans hackers, lesbian musicals and how Squirt shocked Dallas

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Dallas Fox station shocked by billboard

The Dallas Fox 4 TV station is clearly shocked by a billboard advertising gay cruising ( is owned by Pink Triangle Press, Daily Xtra’s parent company.) What’s more, the station found a local gay man who objects to the cruisy tone of the ad.

Trans man first to serve openly in US armed forces

Trans man Shane Ortega, a helicopter crew chief and bodybuilder who serves in the US army, is the first US soldier to serve openly as trans after he came out in a Washington Post article. While trans people in the past have simply been discharged for their identity, Ortega exists in a legal limbo in which he is still officially recognized as a woman but holds a male passport.

Bechdel book to become Broadway musical

Lesbian feminist author Alison Bechdel (of Dykes to Watch Out For and the “Bechdel test” fame) will have a Broadway musical based on her life. Based on her graphic novel Fun Home, the show got such high reviews for its off-Broadway premiere in 2013 that it will start at the Circle in the Square theatre on Broadway this month.

Read more at the New York Times.

Should we drop the T from LGBT?

At Metro UK, trans man Lee Hurley argues that the T doesn’t belong in LGBT. The acronym muddles up sexuality and gender, he says, and groups together people who don’t always get along. In an informal poll on the article, 57 percent of readers agree with him.

Fighting marginalization with digitization

At Quartz, a California trans woman says she changed her life and escaped from marginalization by learning to code. Teagan Widmer not only got a better job, but also created the Restroom Refuge app to help trans people find inclusive bathrooms.