Toronto Diary
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Trans* March 2014 is legal (and loooooooong)!

It’s official! Pride Toronto’s Trans* March has officially announced its parade route this year, and it looks to be the longest ever to be given the green light by the city.

According to Christin Milloy, the march will start up at the North Stage at Hislop park, loop around to Church and Bloor and then over to Yonge, and finally all the way down Yonge to Dundas Square, where there shall be much partying.

The really cool part here is that according to Milloy, the Trans* March will actually be slightly longer than the Pride parade. So, you know, consider a comfortable shoe. Perhaps something with gel insoles? Oh god, those are the best. And depending on the weather, maybe some sunscreen.

Aaaaaaanyway, the Trans* March will take place on June 27, 2014, with a pre-march rally at the North Stage at 7pm before the whole thing starts in earnest at 8pm. Trans people, as well as their friends, family and allies, are encouraged to come out to support the event.