Toronto Diary
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Trans March kicks off Pride Weekend

In case the deafening bass booms, hoards of people walking up and down Church street, and the overall sense of gay frivolity haven't tipped you off yet, Pride Weekend has begun. Shit's getting so real they had to close down Church street just to accomodate everyone.

To kick off the most glorious weekend of the year (suck it, Thanksgiving) the Toronto Trans March took place on Yonge street earlier this evening. Thankfully, I happened to be right in front of Northbound Leather at the time, so now we have plenty of pictures on the blog, condensed down into a pretty, functional photo wall for your entertainment. Highlights include:

  1. – The best trans superhero ever.
  2. – A pair of high-rollers.
  3. – Two of Toronto's best drag queens.
  4. – The best use of a leather pride flag as a skirt ever. (Hey Luca!)
  5. – This fierce bitch who pulled up the rear of the parade.
  6. – Someone who took my picture exactly as I took hers. (CAMERACEPTION!)
  7. – Waluigi, who is apparently the third character in the Mushroom Kingdom to come out as trans. Shout out to Birdo and Vivian!