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Trans rights Bill C-389 postponed to Dec 8

UPDATE 7pm DEC 7 – The vote has been postponed until tomorrow, Dec 8.

12:27pm – via Bill Siksay:

Tonight (Tuesday) Bill C-389, an act to amend the Canadian Human Rights
Act and Criminal Code (gender identity and gender expression) is
scheduled for report stage and third reading. Consideration of the bill
will start after some votes, which take place at 6pm Eastern

Two things could happen tonight: 

1. Report stage could be handled quickly on a voice vote, the House
would immediately begin debate at third reading, and I’d be the first


2. A standing vote could be requested at report stage. If that happens
there would be no debate tonight, and a standing vote on report stage of
the bill would take place on Wednesday evening at around 6pm
(Eastern). There is also a possibility that this vote could be held
immediately after question period on Wednesday at around 3:15pm
(Eastern). If the bill is defeated in a vote on Wednesday, the process
would end there. If it passes, it would be scheduled for third reading
debate and a vote sometime in late February or early March. 

I’m hoping we will go to debate at third reading tonight, but thought I should let you know the possibilities.

In solidarity

Bill Siksay
Member of Parliament


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