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Trans tweets, transmission and Star Trek

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Anthony Rapp, who will play the first gay character in the Star Trek TV series, attends the Star Trek: Discovery panel at Comic-Con on July 22, 2017 in San Diego, California. Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment

Trump shocks military with transgender ban tweets

US President Donald Trump dropped a series of unexpected tweets Wednesday morning saying transgender troops would be banned from the military, undermining any hope that he would keep his promises to support LGBT rights. The military seemed surprised by the announcement, and said it would make no changes until Trump made an official order.

Second study shows no undetectable transmission of HIV

After tracking 12,000 reported acts of condomless intercourse between couples in which one partner had an undetectable viral load, scientists found no transmission of HIV. The study adds to the consensus that an undetectable viral load is nearly perfect protection against transmission. [Poz]

Momentum builds against intersex surgery on children

The American Medical Association and human rights groups are pushing to end surgery on babies born intersex. The surgeries are intended to make children’s genitals more typical, but can result in long-term harm and confusion. [Associated Press]

New Star Trek to feature gay character

For the first time in the TV show’s 50 year history, Star Trek’s new series Discovery will feature a gay character played by gay broadway star Anthony Rapp. A gay character has appeared in the Star Trek film series. [Entertainment Weekly]

Chinese trans man wins lawsuit

A Chinese transgender man known as Chen has won a landmark lawsuit against a medical clinic that fired him because his “appearance did not meet our standards.” The court stopped short of making the clinic apologize. [The Guardian]