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Trans woman Vladimir Luxuria, former Italian MP, arrested in Russia

The Olympics are supposed to be about uniting the world through sports and encouraging friendly dialogue between countries; the keywords being “supposed to be.” Of course, the Sochi Olympics have been an international nightmare, and now a former member of the Italian parliament has been arrested for violating Russia’s anti-gay law.

Vladimir Luxuria, a television personality/former Italian PM/transgender woman, decided to protest Putin’s against the laws during her stay in Sochi. She posted an image of herself to Twitter, holding up a pro-gay rainbow sign. She captioned the image with “I’m in Sochi! Regards with the colours of the rainbow, in the face of Putin!” (Translated from Italian, at least.)

[Vladimir Luxuria, via Twitter.]

As Gay Star News reports, it didn’t take long before Luxuria was arrested.

Thankfully, she has since been released, and, according to GSN, is already planning her next act of civil disobedience, saying that Luxuria “plans on attending a hockey game on Monday (17 February); she will wear rainbow colors, a symobl [sic] of gay pride.”

You have to love how the entire IOC put on their best ass-kissing Chapstick as the Sochi Games got closer, and Luxuria is going to do everything in her power to piss off Putin as much as she possibly can. She’s got moxie! And I’m not just saying that because moxie is a grossly underused word.