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TRANSform me

Credit: Left/Right Entertainment

Gay men have long been con-sidered fashion gurus for our ability to accessorize and deliver frank advice with two snaps and a clap.

But trannies are horning in on our territory and why not? Trannies know how a bra should fit — unlike gay men who only use such devices as drag props and coffee filters (sometimes concurrently).

VH1’s new makeover show, TRANSform Me, takes the fashionably challenged and places them in the large, well-manicured hands of Laverne, Jamie and Nina, three fabulous MTFs who know a thing or two about expressing personal style.

This could have hot tranny mess written all over it, but think about it: when it comes to knowing how clothes fit, how a woman should curve and what’s in style, an about-town tranny had to learn the ropes from the ground up. She knows her shit.