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The big news yesterday was Cher's lesbian daughter Chastity Bono coming out transgender, announcing plans to transition and become Chaz Bono.  Though supportive, Cher worried aloud about such a radical physical change, right before having her ribs lowered, her cheekbones resharpened and a vocoder installed in her throat.

Following the backlash against their lazy and cruel comments about transgender kids, Sacramento radio hosts Rob Williams and Arnie States did a special show to apologize.  They learned a valuable lesson:  don't make Michael Rowe angry, you wouldn't like him when he's angry!

If you're like me, you probably sat through 'Star Trek' wondering what Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto's love child would look like.  Well, wonder no more:

When did straight sports journalists suddenly become gay rights activists?  All I know is I really want Jeff Pearlman to be right.

Meanwhile, US sports station ESPN is airing a special on the Nebraska college wrestlers who got kicked out for doing porn.  If I'd known all this was going on, I'd have never left the channel on Fashion Television!

And finally, RM Vaughn interviews the creator of 'True Blood' (season 2 starts this Sunday), who says the vampires in her novels are stand-ins for gay people.  Please.  As if I could give up bruschetta.  Then again, of course, there is the nocturnal lifestyle, the screaming when faced with crucifixes, the pasty complexion and a very, very obvious joke about sucking.

Have a great weekend!