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Transgender surfer documentary looks to public for funding

When Westerly Windina refers to occasions from the past, she never uses the first person, “I.”

She says, “Peter did this” or “Peter was."

The Peter she speaks of is Peter Drouyn, the man who brought surfing to great heights of popularity. Peter Drouyn is the name given to Windina at birth.

Directors Alan White and Jamie Brisick are looking to Kickstarter to help them fund their film about Westerly. With the working title of Westerly: A Man, a Woman, an Enigma, the film hopes to tell the story of a person who rose to the height of their game and then almost disappeared.

According to the Kickstarter website, in 2002 Windina, then still living as Peter, almost drowned:

"It was a supernova,” said Westerly. “It just kicked in one night, and suddenly Peter went, Westerly was there.”

Check out the trailer for an idea of who Drouyn was, and who Windina is. 

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