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Transgender teen seeks help to go to accepting school

BY NATASHA BARSOTTI – Transgender teen Asher Doyle, who has found it difficult to be in public school, is trying to raise funds to attend North Carolina's Arthur Morgan, a Quaker boarding school.

Doyle, 14, describes Arthur Morgan as an "excellent environment for me as a trans person; it's very accepting." He says it'd be "really amazing to be out at school, because it would just be one more thing off my chest that I wouldn't have to worry about."

He says at another school he attended he was fearful about being outed and losing friends. 

"Luckily my mom has been very supportive and has learned a lot about trans issues over the years," he says in a Gay Star News report. "If I hadn't been raised around a bunch of queers, or if my mom was
transphobic, I honestly don't know where I would be," he says.

According to Gay Star News, Arthur Morgan has pitched in with a $10,000 scholarship for Doyle, who still needed to raise $13,000 more. Family and queer rights groups have chipped in an additional $7,000, the report states. 

 Watch Asher Doyle's video here:


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