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Transition Photojournal and QueerBash Vid

A good friend of mine usually sends me a lot of internet links throughout the week. He's been doing it over the past year and a half but doesn't want to be named on Up Your Alley. So instead I've decided to refer to him as "DeepThroat". 

Deep Throat sent me this link the other day (click on picture to go to the orginal site). It's from the University of Missouri site and I've included a bit of the intro blurb to hook you following the photo:

Dakota Raynes, 27, is a senior at the
University of Missouri, a teaching assistant for the Social
Inequalities class, a McNair Scholar, a father of a seven year-old
girl, a self-proclaimed hippie and a transgender. Raynes, born
Lieselotte Lorene Harvel to Jehovah’s Witness parents, has been
transitioning for over three years now, taking testosterone and using a
compression vest to appear more masculine. R
aynes has faced much opposition while transitioning, most notably when losing custody of his daughter

It's a great photojournal. Check it out.

And in the spirit of photojournals, here's one from last week's Queer Bash:


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