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Transphobic activist apparently has a thing for voyeurism

It's been said many a time that people who are homophobic or transphobic are usually projecting or otherwise compensating for their own misgivings. For examples of this, see this guy or this guy or anyone who's ever showed up here.

Enter Dan Joseph, stage right. Joseph is a rightwing activist from the Media Research Center who, according to Gay Star News,  took offence to transgender people using washrooms that reflect who they are. Why? Apparently, he thinks it's all about seeing other people nude, and he wants to get in on that. Seriously.

Dan Joseph of the right-wing Media Research Center posted a video to YouTube entitled, ‘The Transgender Bathroom-Locker Room Question,’ in which he filmed himself talking to students at a Virginia university campus and asked them question about whether they would be prepared to share bathrooms and change rooms with transgender people, trying to solicit negative responses.

One of the students told Joseph, ‘High school kids get away with a lot of bad stuff – a lot of kid nowadays would probably take advantage of this,’ to which Joseph says, ‘You mean like a guy who just wants to see some naked chicks going “oh, I’m transgendered and I need to go to the girls locker room?"’

The student replies, ‘exactly,’ to which Joseph then says, ‘I mean, that’s what I would do.’

Wait, did he just admit that if given the opportunity, he'd commit a sex crime? Does he think that gender identity is changeable when it's convenient? And — no, seriously, did he just admit that he'd try and trick women into letting him see them naked?

Because I'm pretty sure that's super immoral, and probably super illegal. The problem here seems to be that Joseph doesn't know enough about sex, gender and sexuality to understand personal identity and expression; instead, he just sees it all as utilitarian. That being said, his ignorance is no one's problem but his own. If he can look at a situation that would benefit tons of people and all he can think is "Man, that would be a great way to trick people into nudity!" Well, that just says more about him than anyone else.