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Transsexual performer Chris Cochrane shot in Halifax in alleged hate crime

Chris Cochrane, a transsexual performer in Halifax who goes by the name Elle Noir, was shot through her apartment door in what she's calling a hate crime. 

"They were yelling, 'Tranny-faggot, open the door, let us in, let us in,' which leads me to believe they knew who I was," Chris told a CBC reporter from her hospital bed. Multiple shots were fired throughout the building. Only one of the shots that went through her door made contact, hitting her in the arm. "Obviously, it was 100 percent hatred," she said.

However, Halifax police dispute that this was a hate crime. "Certainly, we don't believe this is a hate crime based on the information we have so far… There may have been other reasons at play why this may have occurred."

Perhaps the police need to reassess their thinking, because from where I'm sitting, a fired gun + homophobic slurs = hate.

"I feel sorry for them, actually," Chris said about his shooters, during an emotional interview. "I feel sorry for them because to have so much hatred in your heart that you have to…" After a pause to collect herself, she continued: "To have that much hatred in your heart, it's not easy to abide by, it's not easy to hold in…."

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