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Travel broadens the mind

Madonna has said that she plans to take her kids on a day-trip to the Auschwitz concentration camp so they can appreciate how good they have it.  Man, what's her idea of a punishment?  Making them listen to 'American Life' again?

Calgary-born actor Victor Webster is travelling down to LA to become the token gay character on the 'Melrose Place' revamp no one asked for.  At least he'll look good doing it — who could forget his stint as Samantha's neighbour on 'Sex and the City?'



Vladimir Putin, Russia's greatest love machine, is swaggering around Siberia shirtless again. Ah, the mother country — come for the vodka, stay for the meglomania!




Brazil is a lot more fun:  not only are the boys beautiful but you're completely free to pee in the shower.  Seriously, their creepy little children say so:

And in other public service announcement news, the American Psychological Association says that "ex-gay" therapy just doesn't work. They surveyed 83 studies to find that you cannot turn yourself heterosexual.  Well that's just great, APA — now you tell me.  And Gerard Butler is going to be devastated!