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Trevor Boris: My favourite gay travel destination

Trevor Boris fell in love with the Vancouver of Africa

Trevor Boris loves Cape Town, South Africa. Credit: File photo

Whether it's the bustle of New York or the Mayan ruins of Tulum, often one vacation spot resonates with us and becomes a favourite travel memory. 

We asked 14 gay celebrities, business people, and movers and shakers, "What is your favourite gay travel destination?"

"My fave gay destination is Cape Town, South Africa. It’s the Vancouver of Africa, without the rain and dirty hippies, and is surprisingly gay. The guys like to say they’re 'bisexual,' but lesbi-honest. The city has culture, history, shopping and the hottest guys. Make sure to go on a safari for the big five, which include the bear, the twink and the giraffe. If I didn’t work in Canadian television, I’d have a place in Camps Bay, which is like Malibu — and where Bel Ami shoots a lot of their videos." — Trevor Boris, comedian/television personality/producer

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