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Tribal law, gay newspapers and perverted sexual relations

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Egypt proposes harsher anti-gay laws amid crackdown

Egyptian lawmakers have proposed legislation that would punish “perverted sexual relations” with imprisonment, and ban hosting gay gatherings. The proposal comes after a crackdown in which dozens of men have been arrested on suspicion of homosexuality. [BuzzFeed]

Three-quarters of Australians have voted in mail ballot

The Australian Bureau of Statistics says 74.5 percent of Australians have voted in a mail-in ballot on equal marriage, good news in an election where a higher turnout will likely favour the yes vote. Australian conservatives, however, may be planning to delay passage of same-sex marriage, even if the ballot succeeds.

The White House is ignoring the gay newspaper in its press corps

The White House press corps reporter for the Washington Blade, a gay political newspaper, says he hasn’t had a single questioned answered since May. Why is he being ignored?

Tribal court orders Ak-Chin to allow same-sex marriage

A tribal court in Arizona says the constitution of the Ak-Chin Indian Community guarantees rights to marriage to same-sex couples. The ruling could pave the way for equal marriage in other US tribes. [The Arizona Republic]

Uruguay’s first trans senator pushes back against violence

Reuters profiles Michelle Suarez, Uruguay’s first trans lawyer, university graduate and senator, in a country where trans women have life expectancies half that of other citizens.