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Trinidad, pandemics and Imagine Dragons

Your Daily Package of newsy and naughty bits from around the world

Imagine Dragons front man hosts pop concern for Mormon LGBT youth

At a packed concert this weekend, Imagine Dragons and Mormon pop star Dan Reynolds whipped up support for LGBT youth in the church. [CNN]

Is HIV poised for a comeback?

At Foreign Policy, Laurie Garrett argues that global efforts to stem HIV are failing, and the disease is set for another great pandemic.

Thousands rally in Japan against anti-gay lawmaker

A week after a member of Japan’s ruling party made anti-gay comments in a magazine article, thousands took to the streets to call for her resignation. [Japan Times]

Trinidad and Tobago hosts first Pride parade

Buoyed by a Supreme Court ruling declaring a sodomy law unconstitutional, Trinidad and Tobago has joined the community of nations who publicly celebrate Pride. [Newsday]

Behind the success of Israel’s LGBT protests

Protests in Israel against a discriminatory surrogacy law have taken off in Israel, writes Haaretz, because they have become a symbol for Israeli secularists.