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True patriot love

Ottawa's Hoser Burlesque embraces Canadiana

Hoser Burlesque
The Great White North: the phrase calls to mind vast landscapes, handsome Mounties, the noble beaver and, of course, twirling nipple tassels. On July 5, Ottawa’s Rockalily Burlesque troupe will celebrate their love of all things Canuck with a special performance at the Gladstone Theatre. 
Miss Helvetica Bold’s Hoser Burlesque takes patriotism to a whole new level, featuring everything from a sexy tribute to Bob and Doug McKenzie to a new use for maple syrup.
“I find the term burlesque to be a catchall for a lot of different art forms that kind of don’t fit in, and they intersect on the stage,” says Bold, who founded the troupe in 2006. “It’s a really amazing throwback to the classic variety show.” 
For the Hoser show, Bold contacted a group of Ottawa burlesque stars and requested that they pitch Canadian-themed acts. 
“One of the rules was that any music you used has to be Canadian content, just in case the CRTC shows up,” she says. 
The show includes routines performed to "The Log Driver’s Waltz" and the Hockey Night in Canada theme and a tribute to Hinterland Who’s Who performed by the Mansfield Brothers. French-Canadian performer Jolie Stripes will perform a cabane à sucre–themed act. “That might get sticky,” Helvetica says.