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Trump, Anglicans and the end of AIDS

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Researchers: AIDS is over in Australia

AIDS researchers in Australia say that new cases of AIDS in the country are so rare that the epidemic is essentially over. The struggle against HIV isn’t finished, they say, but treatment is now so effective that the infection rarely turns into AIDS.

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Canadian Anglicans say yes to equal marriage

The Canadian Anglican synod has voted to affirm same-sex marriages, after a stunning reversal in the voting process. The vote initially seemed to go against equal marriage, until some members said their votes had not been counted.

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Study on TasP shows zero HIV transmissions

A study that followed over 1,000 European gay and straight couples having sex a combined 50,000 times found zero transmissions of HIV, researchers report. The study suggests that undetectably low levels of HIV may effectively remove any risk of HIV transmission.

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Trump picks notoriously anti-gay running mate

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has picked as his running mate Indiana Governor Mike Pence, who has a long history of anti-gay politics including “religious freedom” bills and supporting reparative therapy.

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Targeted programs are better for queer women’s help

A US government study shows that health programs specifically designed for bisexual or lesbian women are much better at improving health outcomes. Queer women have higher rates of many health problems, including obesity.

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