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Trump, open relationships and a serial killer

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Where does Trump stand on LGBT rights?

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump affirmed his support for LGBT people in his closing speech at his party’s convention, after nominating a notoriously anti-gay running mate. What’s to make of it? At the Huffington Post, Michelangelo Signorile says people are being duped into thinking Trump is pro-gay, while the Washington Post says a lineup of pro-gay speakers isn’t nothing. Meanwhile, Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton chose an uninspiring but consistently pro-gay running mate in Tim Kaine.

Gay serial killer charged with 17 more crimes

Alleged London serial killer Stephen Port has been charged with 17 more crimes against eight more victims, on top of charges for murdering other men. Police say Port drugged and raped his victims, but Port has pleaded not-guilty on all charges.

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Mexican transgender beauty queen found dead

After disappearing over a month ago, the body of trans beauty queen Paulett Gonzalez has been found severely burned near where she disappeared. Authorities say they are investigating whether Gonzalez’s death was a hate crime.

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Study: Non-monogamous gay men are just as happy

A study by researchers at New York University shows that gay men in open relationships are just as happy as their monogamous peers, communicate well, and are at no higher risk of acquiring STIs.

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Australian Liberals: Plebiscite is the only way to equal marriage

The attorney-general of Australia’s governing Liberal Party says a plebiscite is the only way forward to decide on same-sex marriage in Australia, and promised a vote in the next year. The opposition Labour Party has called the proposed vote a “tax-payer funded platform for homophobia,” and says parliament should vote on the matter.

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