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Trunk show

Be prepared to get wet, all summer long

#1 - The Wet Look Credit: May Truong
Happy Pride! Swim trunks are the unsung heroes of our favourite time of year. They’re colourful and bold, and they’re ideal when you’re caught in the line of fire of a water gun or, heaven forbid, stuck in the rain — eek.
Go for swim trunks that are mid-thigh or longer. Wear them with your favourite sunnies, a water-resistant watch and a sexy wet T-shirt (or nothing at all). Skintight Speedos are always a fun sight, but I prefer them for the beach (and they can look awkward with shoes).
I asked Evolution Fitness trainer and competitive bodybuilder Jeffry Chan to be our swim-trunk hunk. His body-ody-ody framed these shorts most perfectly and he wore them with such pride. Let’s get soaking wet!
(have a look at the photo slideshow at the top of the story to match with the info below.)

1. The Wet Look
T-shirt, $32, American Apparel. americanapparel.net
Swim Trunks, $80, Diesel. Available
at Out on the Street, 551 Church St.
Sunglasses, $198, Super. Available
at The Future of Frances Watson, 1390 Queen St W.
2. Red, White & New
Swim shorts, $56, Andrew Christian. Available at Out on the Street.
3. Juicy Solids
Orange Resort swim trunks, $38, American Apparel.
4. Prep Time
New England two-toned board shorts, $49, Penfield. Sunglasses, $190, Super. Both available at The Future of Frances Watson.
5. In Print
Grey Roadkill shorts, $59.50, Insight. Available at The Future of Frances Watson.