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Tuesday Hotness

So…I may have promised you a review of Be Like Others for your Tuesday blog, but you know what? Sometimes I say I'm going to do something (like go-go dacing this past Saturday), but then realize that I have made earlier promises to people that I can't break (to keep the Saturday example going: to Xtra! West – which meant covering an East Side party instead).

Where am I going with this? I promised you, dear reader, to deliver Tuesday Hotness every week, on time, and without fail. And for you, dear reader, I will give you your Tuesday Hotness as promised and will post a review of Be Like Others tomorrow.

Next week I'll find a different type of guy for Tuesday Hotness (promises promises)…evidently I have a "type" – can you blame me?

Here's ubermodel Bryan Thomas, who, it seems, is only allowed to wear underwear nowadays:


Okay I lied – he's almost wearing a pair of jeans here: